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The First Bachata Courses Specifically Made for Online Learning

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"You Can't Learn Dancing Online"

Due to COVID19, we couldn't learn in person so we have to learn online. 

But, most of us are frustrated because learning online is so difficult. The audio is bad, the angle is monotonous, and you're not motivated.

Why We're Different

The courses on this website is dedicated so you can learn bachata just as effectively from home as if you were inside a class.


  1. Understand the 'idea' behind a move. Why you should learn it and how you benefit from it.
  2. Lessons are broken down by categories so it's easily understood. Categories include: Specific body parts, roles (lead or follow), common mistakes, etc.
  3. Multiple camera angle. Don't see the same thing from the beginning to end. Our video work will bring you to the most important angle at every given moment.

Be the Best Version of You

We love dancing not just for the dancing but for the confidence, opportunities, and relationships we build. Therefore, our aim is to help you realise your best version.

About Kevin S Tsai

I'm passionate of social dancing and my goal is to be able to dance with anyone, anywhere.

I'm also passionate about learning. I've done more than a hundred online courses on different topics and I've helped several experts sell their expertise online.

From the dancing courses I've seen, I realised that there are ways it can be taught better

Therefore, I created this website so that you can learn the best lessons from different instructors with different styles so you can achieve your dancing goals faster.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Kevin is definitely one of my favorite dancers. He has a good sense of music, very smooth, and easy to follow. It feels like having a conversation with no words. He knows how to adjust his lead to suit me and takes care of the little things to make a girl feel comfortable.” ― Beibei
“Kevin’s passion for bachata exceeds expectations and he goes above and beyond to understand and perfect the art of bachata.” ― James
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